AtwoodZoo girls are in…x3

I hope that you have been following the experiences of a group of bloggers visiting Uganda with Compassion International over the past 10 days.

I know we have.

Nearly every day last week we had a conversation about what the "Ugandaliers" were seeing. Then on Saturday evening we had Kenzo and Mabel join us ’round the computer (not as romantic as ’round the campfire’) to look at all the videos and pictures and stories.

And we had a great conversation about "me" and Wii and Webkinz. And about allowance and walking-the-neighbors-dogs money and garage sales.

Without proddding and pushing, without an altar call or guilt, Kenzo and Mabel both said "we’re in. We want to sponsor a child." Then after a brief huddle they came back with a plan, and said they "wanted to sponsor two kids – one that was 10 and one that was eight – ‘just like us.’"

So we hopped on the Compassion website and they both picked a child to sponsor. We didn’t want Suzie to be left out, so The Beautiful Bride and I decided to sponsor a child with Suzie. So we used the cool search feature and found a little boy from Kenya who has epilepsy. Because we felt that we had a pretty good insight into how to pray for a child with seizure and special needs.

I knew it was real for Kenzo when she said, "And I thought I had a hard life."

I know that this has had a profound impact on our family already and would encourage you to find the $32/month to change the world of a child.

And make sure you go to Shaun’s site to see lots of others stories about how Compassion is changing lives.


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