Fire in the hole

It is always a bit unsettling, after one of the girls has been sick, to start back with food.

As I think about though, it is a lot like trusting God. (i know…weird comparison…sometimes it just happens that way) Because with rebounding from a sickness you are trying to do something (eat) where you are not entirely sure it is going to work out as you like. The same thing with trusting God. You are going to try something (faith,) and you are not really sure how it is going to turn out.

But to be clear, learning to trust God usually does not involve vomit.

After you are sick it is one of those, "take a step of faith" kind of things. As a first step, you gingerly try a cracker or some ginger ale.  And then quickly think "can I really trust this stomach to keep things down?"

And after the cracker is swallowed you wait. Tick tock tick tock. Waiting for impending doom. Or not.

If all goes as planned, you move on to something with a bit more substance. If not, get out the carpet cleaner and start again.

Same with trusting God. You (I) often start with a small, safe step. If that goes alright, then you are willing try go a bit further. But I guess that is human nature, caus when you are getting better you’re probably better in the long run to start with a piece of toast rather than a bean burrito.

Now that I think about it, maybe there is more of a parallel than I thought between getting over the flu and trusting God. Both often involve a queasy stomach.


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