The AtwoodZoo “One Spoon Solution” to sick kids

Talked with a friend today who has young kids.

Sick young kids.

Yacking, hurling, stinky, stanky, skunky sick young kids.

So he was about launch into how they were trying to manage the situation I put my arm on his shoulder and shared with him a little AtwoodZoo advice. And as my Kenzo says, "this comes from experience.

And so this is what I shared with him…

Back in the "olden days," like when the girls were four and under, any time any of the three girls would get sick, we would immediately go into "germ lock down." The infected party would get put into a room by herself and the other two were confined to the other end of the house, as far away as possible from the "unclean" one.  The idea being that we would be able to confine whatever funk was the funk of the moment to the one child.

Turns out that was great in theory, but lousy in reality. Seems those pesky germs have a mind of their own. What we ended up doing was just prolonging the germ-infested period, by spreading it out over a period of weeks, as they would all get it one after another, and in a few cases, circle all the back to whomever started the blasted thing in the first place.

So we developed a new approach that I called the "one spoon" theory. That approach basically being, theoretically, of course is to put all the girls in one room with a bowl of cereal and one spoon and let all chow down and get things done as quickly as possible.

In the event that anyone from DHS is reading this, I want to clarify this point…we did literally not do the one spoon program, it is just a figurative explanation of realizing that there was no way to avoid the passing of the funk, so we just stopped our isolation charade and did what we could to move things along as quickly as possible.

It really came down to an economic decision, especially in the the case of a stomach funk. We would just confine everyone to one room for the duration of said stomach funk. That way we would only have to call Stanley Steamer one time.

So you see the "one spoon" theory is more than a germ-survival plan, it is an economic survival plan.


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