All alone in crowd…

Disney I made an important discovery today. There is an inherent sadness in being at Disney World by yourself. The AtwoodZoo has made a ton of trips to the great money-sucking megalopolis in central Florida. But today I am here alone. Or rather, here for a bunch of meetings. But without the rest of the fam.

And I had a couple of free hours so I wandered away from the pre-fab air in the conference center to the pre-fab fun of Disney World. And frankly without the girls, it just wasn’t that much fun.

(Cue the sad violin music…) Everywhere I walked (music a bit louder for effect…) I saw something that reminded me of something I had done with my family. (music to incredible intensity.) Oh so it was just sort of a melancholy meandering around and amidst all the (sniff sniff…) families.

And as I headed back to a dinner meeting, I saw this car at the end of the lot. And thought that’s me…the car is in the lot, but not really part of all that is going on. (cue music to dramatic conclusion and roll credits…)

(and I’ll skip blathering on about the metaphor in all this that life is meaningless without my family…that would seem to be overkill at this point…)


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