The House of Brows…

House_of_brows_2 We have a new storefront at the local mall. "The House of Brows."

I have a pretty good sense of what they do, but as they sit smack dab in the middle of a mall, I’m not really sure why they chose "The House of Brows" as they name of their store.

As a public service, I offer these alternatives…

  • Brow Depot
  • Brows a Million
  • StarBrows
  • Brow-Mart
  • Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears House of Crazy Brows

Any other suggestions…


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  1. Build-A-Brow, Browtown, Just Browsing…I saw this place too and thought as much as I need a brow wax, I don’t want to go in there…I saw one of their victims, I mean customers laid out in a chair in full view of mall shoppers passing by. Just didn’t look right.

  2. I must say the girls that work at “The House of Brows” are flippin beautiful and are brow divas, all they do is brow waxing..I’ve seen their work and they are meticulous at shaping..They spend as much time needed and arent rushing from client to client, the place is also immaculantly clean and beautifully decorated. The “divas” are also all licensed estheticians, who specialize in skin and waxing. You arent dealing with nail techs or cosmetologists who spend the majority of thier days filled with other services and “throw in” a brow wax here and there! So, until youve tried this place, its really very ignorant of you to judge. Also, people going into get their brows done have messed up brows to begin with, I’m sure these girls are trying to correct alot of problems caused by others claiming to be brow experts!!!

  3. I think this is a great concept!!! How convenient can you make it for people to keep their brows looking glamorous…some individuals are not aware that brows frame your face and make or break your entire appearance. I am sure the person who failed to stop in has Ronald McDonald Brows!!!

  4. ladies…i am not opposed to the HOB, just thought it was a curious name as it is stuck in the middle of the mall…happy browsing…

  5. I think House of Brows is a great name. What would you recommend? I think it states the obvious. Like House of Blues you think music, House of Brows you think eye brows, what a perfect concept in my opinion. I went in there last night and they couldn’t get me in…they take their time with each customer and call the next customer on their cell when they can take them. I think if you need waxing, it’s a great place to go if it’s convenient for you to wait. Suggest:Sign in right when you get to the mall.

  6. stacie – my suggestions for names were in post. I have a small business. I think it is great they are busy. Just though the name was funny…i get a mental picture of a house built out of busy eyebrows…

  7. Alice Wonderland

    The HOB was a great place at first!!! NOW! they lack skilled licensed employees. WATCH OUT!!!! I had eyelash extensions and when they removed them 2 weeks later I was left WITHOUT half of my natural ones.

  8. Checking Alice Wonderland

    If HOB removed half of your lashes seems like you would use your real name!! I think you are the competiton or a disgruntled employeee that was fired because you did not meet the high standards of this establishment. I am a regular customer who gets lash extension and know they use a lash remover that does not take off your natural lashes. I recently used this service for the EXTREME lashes which are wondeful!!! Every person in the shop is skilled and licensed
    ( License are posted at the work station) Get a life!!!

  9. Marilyn Davis

    Thank you for exposing Alice wonderland!! You are correct they use a lash remover. I also use HOB for lash extensions, and removal. This establishment is great, and the employees are skilled, and very professional. I still have my natural lashes, and can not wait to try the extreme lashes!!! AW if you noticed that the employeess did not have license why did you let them put on or remove your lashes. I have never heard of such!! I agree get a life and another job!! Real name…Marilyn Davis

  10. Alice Wonderland

    OH, MY, I am WRONG the location was in the Florence Mall in Kentucky…where I had an extremely unprofessional experience. I apologize to all the TRUE PROFESSIONALS.!!!!

  11. Alice Wonderland

    OH, MY, I am WRONG the location was in the Florence Mall in Kentucky…where I had an extremely unprofessional experience. I apologize to all the TRUE PROFESSIONALS.!!!!

  12. Has anyone had their eyebrows “threaded”? I am EXTREMELY curious of this option. I can’t do wax. Something always irritates my skin so badly that I break out anywhere I had a hair. Bushy brows or pimple brows? I stick with bushy. Tell me about threading if you’ve tried it.

  13. Beverly Malone

    I have the same problem; therefore I get my brows threaded. Threading is a middle eastern technique that removes the hair with thread. This tecnique is very precise, and gives a cleaner look than waxing. It is not painful and wonderful!! There is a young lady at the House of Brows by the name of Varmon that does a wonderful job. I promise that you will not have any irritation or bumps and you will be happy with the look of your Brows. Remember to ask for Varmon!! BM

  14. I visited for the first time on 6/9/09 at 5:00 PM. The services I requested were for brow wax, cheek wax, brow tint, and lash tint. The only service that I had not received many times before was the brow tint. I now believe I have a serious skin infection (just one day later) due to the fact that their practices are NOT SANITARY. With only one representative in the store, she was responsible for answering phones, greeting customers, handling money, etc. She sanitized (NOT WASHED) her hands before starting on me and did all the other tasks mentioned without washing in between those and touching my face. She seemed quite INEXPERIENCED with the lash tint and caused my eyes to BURN terribly during the removal process when she had completed the service. Her solution to the burning was to stick a small electric fan in my face which elevated the situation by blowing more of the dye into my eyes. I rushed to the sink to wash the residue away only to find there were NO TOWELS. Returning to the chair, she blotted my face with paper towels and handed me a terrycloth towel with which I blotted my neck and dried my hands. To my HORROR she said that I shouldn’t touch it to my face, because it’s the only one and she’d been using it to wipe her hands ALL DAY. I asked her to even out my brows, which were crooked (she ARGUED so I took care of it myself at home). I asked her if she had bothered to tint the lower lashes as there was no difference at all. I have extremely blond lashes so it is quite dramatic when I have them dyed. She did not answer. Her concern was to get me out of the store as quickly as possible and on to her walk-in. The first clue I should have picked up on was the fact that when I arrived and I was the only one listed in the appointment book and it was not 5:00 PM. My jaw line is completely INFLAMED and BURNING. I also have marks under my left eye that resemble acid burns. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HOUSE OF BROWS IN THE FLORENCE, KY MALL. The experience was completely UNNERVING. For the record, I’m in my forties and have been to many salons, have had lash tintings for more than 20 years, facials, waxing, etc. I have never been so HORRIFIED.

  15. Just what Cool Springs needs! I have no doubt it will be very popular. A brow house! Lol

  16. I have had my eyebrows threaded and would like to say that it is the best way for eyebrow hair removal. It does not hurt at all and lasts longer too.

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