coolness factor at Fossil took a big hit tonight…

Fossil The Beautiful Bride and I had a date tonight. Target, the mall, and dinner.

Wow we are crazy…

But in the midst of the mall wandering, we shuffled into Fossil. As we wandered in, the totally cool yet unaffected employee said in a way that made me think that she was concerned I had a head injury and somehow wandered into her store by accident, "so can I help you or anything?"

With the "or anything" meant to imply "or help you out of my store before anyone sees you old people in here…."

What I think would have been really great in a store like this is if they had a "Cool-O-Meter" on the back wall of the store. And it was designed to monitor the relative "coolness" of the people in the store at any one moment. Sort of like the instant polls all the news channels use during debates.

And I am certain that if the "Cool-O-Meter" actually existed, the rating at the Fossil Store at the Cool Springs Mall would have sunk to the, like totally, lowest levels ever.

(I shudder to think what would have happened if I had tried to actually buy something…I am sure there would be some sort of alarm at "corporate" and they would have to pull out the crisis communications manual…"hey you, dude, like old man…step away from the totally hip and cool overpriced messenger bag…")


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