Suzie is officially still re…..

We had the "three-year update" meeting yesterday. To officially determine that that Suzie is "still" retarded (i know it’s a horrible word…)

This time we only had to do a "records review" instead of all the testing. This was just as painful, in a way…we get to see all the "her IQ is this low" and "her testing was that low" and "her development is significantly behind" and blah, blah, blah…

I casually joked with The Beautiful Bride the night before the meeting that "well…I guess we will hear the breaking news that Suzie is still retarded at the meeting. Maybe I should pray that she will be healed and we will all wake up in the morning and hear her bounding down the stairs, screaming a Hannah Montana song at the top of her lungs like a typical eleven-year-old. That would shake up the meeting."

That wasn’t the case, no miraculous healings…but it would have been fun because I am sure that in the zillion forms they have for meetings like this…they do not have one that says "child woke up spontaneously healed of all traumatic brain injury so no further retarded services are required."

I am pretty sure they don’t have a form like that, but I would sure love for Suzie to be the one to cause them to have to develop it.


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