watch what you say…

Earlier today, I was reminded of the harsh(cruel) words that kids can say to(at) one another…

This morning I saw one of Mabel’s best little buddies in the office at school. Yesterday, the sweet little angel had celebrated her birthday with Mabel and a gaggle of other girls at Libby Lu’s. They did the hair and the nails and the powder and the glitter and the giggling. And to a lady, the hair was fabulous. So the birthday girl (rightly) wanted to keep her fancy hair in for another day.

Problem was that a knucklehead on the bus gave Mabel’s buddy a hard time about her cool hair. I would guess she was jealous. Or maybe just an all-around knucklehead. Either way, she took a cheap shot or two or seven.

Which (appropriately) upset Mabel’s pal.

Just seeing our sweet friend reminded me that I know I won’t be able to protect the girls from all the knuckleheads in the world, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to….


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