Piling on…

We got a letter over the other day. From "the government." For health insurance purposes.

It was actually a letter we had requested, and had been expecting. We knew what is was because it came in one of those official looking envelopes with the "for official use only, any other use is punishable by…."

In this letter, from the Social Security Administration, we were officially informed that Suzie is "disabled." Actually the letter went a little further than I would have liked. 

The "Reason for Determination" paragraph read like a Gatling gun to the gut. "We find that Suzie is declared disabled because she is/has…."

  • Brain damage
  • Meningitis
  • Seizure disorder
  • Right hemiplegia
  • Mental Retardation

Really now…Was there any reason for the piling on? Couldn’t we have just stopped after the first couple of items in the list? Oh anonymous Government letter writing person/machine, you are not telling us anything we don’t know, but to see it in a form that is so antiseptic, so matter-of-fact, so "documented" is a little difficult.

And as I think about it, even though the letter "documents" who Suzie is, it certainly does not "define" who she is. I have a different list than "the man."  She is…

  • A child of God
  • A friend of God
  • The apple of her mommy and daddy’s eye.
  • The "best sister in the whole wide world."
  • Great at putting  puzzles together
  • "Kind and compassionate."
  • etc, etc.

In reality, that letter doesn’t change anything. She did not wake up the next morning and act any differently. She was just Suzie. Same as she was, created from the foundation of time by the loving God of the Universe.


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  1. My son’s pediatrician said to me, when I took him the paperwork from the school officially saying he has Asperger’s was…
    “That’s just a name. That’s not necessarily who he is. That will help him get more help in school but don’t label him that.”
    I love that man.

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