to all the law enforcement people in middle Tennessee

Paper In the event you need to see my license and registration at some point, I would like to explain something right up front….

Yes…my registration smells funny and yes, is a bit crinkly.  See, it turns out that Suzie put a full bottle of grape Powerade in my glove box. With the lid not quite fully closed. Which I discovered the next morning. When my floorboard was covered with grape Powerade. And my glove box was filled with grape Powerade. And my registration was swimming in a pool of grape Powerade.

So in the (hopefully) unlikely event you, Mr. or Miss local police officer…I apologize for the registration that smells like Bubble Yum. I had to let it dry out on the dashboard. Suzie was just thirsty, and wanted to save her Powerade for later.


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