The phone’s ringing…

Yesterday afternoon, amid the rumble of the Titan’s dismal performance on the TV and the significant volume of Kenzo, Mabel, and a buddy trumping around upstairs, Suzie casually announced, "the phone’s ringing."

I stopped for a second to listen.

She said it again, "the phone’s ringing" and then walked off.

She was right, the phone was ringing.  By the time I found it, the phone had stopped ringing, but that wasn’t the thing.

The thing was that she heard it and no one else did. Because when we first learned that she had bacterial meningitis, the first thing the doctor said was that there is a good chance Suzie will lose some of her hearing with little mention of other possible side effects.

But in a funny, not HA-HA kind of funny, but a isn’t life crazy and unpredictable and doesn’t God let us learn different things different ways kind of funny, Suzie has perfect hearing. As in no problem. As in zero.

I just think it is curious. 


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