i’m sorry…

there is something amazingly freeing in the words "I’m sorry."

Kenzo and I got in a little dust-up this evening. Something about progress on homework, or perceived lack of progress, or who is sitting in what chair at what time, or the weather, or the price of tea in China. The topic of said dust-up doesn’t matter, just the fact that dust went up matters.

And after the air cleared, and the homework was done, it was off to bed. And Kenzo and I, just as we do most every night, shared a quiet time, laying in her floor talking about nothing (usually) before we pray.

Tonight, before we could get into any of the normal stuff we had to say "I’m sorry" for our little but of fussiness. I went first.

It was just, "I’m sorry for getting mad. I shouldn’t have. Let’s find ways to not to do that."

And in an instant, or really less than an instant, the air cleared between us. No more dust.

And it was great.


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