so how exactly would you explain THIS to your child

I would imagine the conversation that will come somewhere down the road, between Ieuan Jones and his parents, about how they tried to abort him TWICE will be a bit awkward.

Ieuan      So Mom and Dad…I have been hearing these stories about how when I was little, inside Mommy’s tummy, that you tried to abort me.

Parent #1    Well, Iuean…you see we thought….since you were so little…

Parent #2    So the first time we tried abort you…

Ieuan          What do you mean ‘first time?’ You tried more than once?

Parent #1    So it seems.

Parent #2   You were are awfully stubborn little bugger.

Parent #1     and we loved your brother so much, we decided to try and kill you…

Ieuan           Twice.

Parent #1   Would you like another pony? Maybe we could get you pony to ride to Chuckie Cheese….


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