“in the afternoon I do shredding and carts.”

In life there are bellwether moments…moments where you know as soon as they happen that you will look back and remember the particular event or action for a long, long time.

I had one of those yesterday.

I had to run by the school for a quick meeting in the office. (It was a "good Principal’s office" meeting, not a "bad Principal’s office meeting…) And as I left, I saw Suzie walking down the hall with Miss Traci. ("Miss Traci has me after my rest," says Suzie.)

The minute she saw me, she took off towards me, wanton disregard for the no running in the hallway rule. She has a funny sort of sideways gallop. When she gets to going, her right leg tends to not has as much giddy up and go as her left leg, and so she tends to veer and then correct as she runs.

She made her way to me and gave the best kind of hug, the full body, full speed kind of hug.

Then she proudly said, "in the afternoon I do shredding and carts." Those are her afternoon "jobs."

It hit me like a ton of bricks. She does not do the work that Kenzo and Mabel do. She is not preparing for standardized tests or middle school. She is doing "shredding and carts."

And the problem with that revelation is not hers. It is mine. She is perfectly (and appropriately) thrilled doing "shredding and carts." I am the one getting a lump in my throat about the fact that she may be doing doing "shredding and carts" for the rest of her life.

Nearly all of the time, I am content knowing that Suzie is just who God made her to be. But I must admit, there are times when I want more than just doing "shredding and carts."

And that is pride, or maybe just a daddy wanting to protect his daughter because I think that people may (will) look down on a sweet girl who is doing "shredding and carts" and that would make me mad.

So if you (or I) see anyone today, doing "shredding and carts" or maybe wrapping silverware, or taking out groceries, or cleaning a floor, just say Hi and know that they are exactly who they are supposed to be, and they are doing exactly what they need to do.


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