There are an awful lot of books out these days with the word "Step" in the title…as in "Seven Steps to Happiness," "Eleven Steps to the Life You Love,"  "Four Baby Steps (and three Giant Steps) Towards a Happier Colon," "14.5 Steps Towards a Healthier You," or "Five Steps To World Peace" etcetera etcetera….

It seems that every challenge in life can be addressed by just doing the "steps" outlined by the author. But I am not so sure it is quite so simple.

If you truly can "Achieve Complete and Total Satisfaction In Your Life Forever and Forever in Six Steps," I would just like to talk with a few people who have completed the six steps and are reveling in the promised result. Seems that there should be some sort of congregation of those who have achieved the promised result promised by the book, I think it would be great to enjoy some of the success stories.

Certainly an enterprising publisher would round up the "Stepper" graduates and do a book about the accomplishments and successes. But I have yet to see such a compilation. I guess that maybe I should write that book… "Eight Steps Towards Helping People See That Life Is  Complicated And It Is Often Much More (or sometimes less, it really depends) Than Just a Few Steps."


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