Suzie and I hit Orlando

Mad_and_barney Suzie and I are in Orlando for a few days. Just Daddy and daughter hanging out on fall break.

As always one of the first stops was the Barney show at Universal. The show was the same as it has been for the last five years. Guess Barney truly is the only dinosaur that will never be extinct.

It was (sadly) fun to have Mrs. Peekabo, the host of the show recognize Suzie from one of her previous zillion visits.

We hit the big Magic Kingdom tomorrow. I would guess that Small World and Dumbo will be in high rotation.

I must applaud both Universal and Disney World as they do a great job with disabled kids. Lots of appropriate accommodations and very little grumbling. ( i do always remember the idiot with the short bus t shirt a few years ago…)

(I personally at getting ready for the sure-to-come looks from people as they see "normal-looking" Suzie with a disability pass…guess I will need to break out my imaginary MY DAUGHTER IS BRAIN INJURED, WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? shirt….)


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