couple of great thoughts…

Like most of y’all…I read a number of blogs everyday…sometimes (with me and others…) it is just "blah,blah, blah."

Other times, I read incredible thoughts, like the one I pasted below from Mark Batterson at

Notice the two-word prayers and the thoughts from Craig Groeschel on practical atheism.

When Craig Groeschel spoke at the Buzz Conference I thought it was the most powerful conference session I’ve ever heard. He shared the same message at Catalyst today and I needed to hear it twice. Actually I need to hear it a lot more than that! If you weren’t here you’ve got to get your ears on the message!

First things first, I love the two prayers I’ve heard the last two days. Both of them are two word prayers. Rick Warren shared what he said was the most dangerous prayer. And Craig shared the other one this morning. I love both of them. They are going to become prayer mantras in my life.

Use Me
Disturb Me

So simple. So powerful.

Here are the three thoughts Craig shared. He talked about practical atheism. That is when we believe in God but we do life as if God doesn’t exist. Here is what happens when we become practical atheists:

1) We believe our effort is more important than God’s power!
2) We believe our private life doesn’t effect our public ministry.
3) We believe we must please people more than we must please God.


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