Big hanger, little hanger

There are defining moments in parenting…first time sleeping through the night…losing the first tooth…first day of school…etc., etc., etc…

I had one of those bellwether moments yesterday.

Not nearly as romantic or "Hallmark moment" as those above, but just as unsettling and memorable.

Because yesterday, as I was putting Suzie’s clothes on hangers as they came out of the dryer I realized that more of her clothes were now on the clear "adult" hangers instead of the little cute colored kid hangers.

Which means one of two things

  • we did not have enough of the kid hangars in the laundry room and I was too lazy to run upstairs and get the smaller ones out of the girls rooms (which has happened many times before so that would not be too far out of the realm of possibility) or…
  • Suzie is growing up.

(mostly)Sadly I fear it is the second. Suzie is growing up. And so today I am pretty hung up on this whole Suzie turning into a big hanger girl…


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