the first time I have ever been frustrated with Southwest Airlines…

I have flown Southwest Airlines for years. Love them. They take off on time, get there on time. Usually pretty cheap, and very customer friendly.

Until last Saturday when I heard the five words I thought I would never hear from a Southwest employee…"That is the policy sir." I always thought of them as a company with more common sense than corporate policy.

The AtwoodZoo was headed home from a week on a Disney cruise. (more about this amazing time soon…) The four of us (Suzie stayed on land with her Nana and Papa for the week – more about that later as well) were at the Orlando airport, checking our bags. We had six bags – two large and four small. The limit for four people is eight bags, so we were OK there. As we were putting on the checked bag tags, the perky sweater-wearing Southwest employee said, "I am sorry, this one bag is over the 50-pound weight limit by 13 pounds. That will be $25. Unless you want to move some things out of one of the other bags."

So, let me get this right…

I have six bags, one of which is a bit over the limit. The other bags are full, but still way under the weight limit. I am using (approximately) 200 of my allowed 400 pounds of weight. But one of the bags is over the limit….

So using (what I  thought to be) common sense, I suggested,"why do I need to move stuff around. It is still the same amount of weight that will be on the plane, and it is still well below the allowed amount for our family to check. Doesn’t that make sense?"


"That is the policy sir. Would you like to pay that by cash or credit card?"

I numbly handed over my card. I think it was a combination of the exhaustion from the amazing week on the cruise and the shock that my beloved Southwest was doing something so clearly NOT customer friendly that caused me to give in so easily…

In order to right this wrong, I think I will check two (49.5 pound) boxes full of cinder blocks the next several times I fly Southwest. Just my way play the "That is the policy sir" game.


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