those were the days…

Tonight Suzie was watching old family movies, as she loves to do. She’ll watch old tapes of vacation trips, holidays, school and church events…just whatever.

So this evening she was watching a Disney World trip from five years ago, and then on the end of the tape that Grand mom and Pop-Pop made for her, was a family Christmas from about 2000.

And as Kenzo passed through the room where Suzie was watching the movie, Kenzo heard the sound of all the opening of gifts and herself squealing at about three years old and she glibly remarked…

"ahhh…those were the days."

At first I just thought of it as being silly, which it was. But then also, time flies. She is eight going on a PhD. Her sisters are flying through the school-years as well. If I don’t pay attention and stay involved and love every single minute of their growing up, pretty soon it will be just as she said…"those were the days."


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