Can you say “blow-out?”

Tire_2 This is the reason I was at Costco today.

Late last night, The Beautiful Bride and her business partner were driving back from the airport when they had a small big honkin’ tire issue. As in something just jabbed a hole in the tire and it went flat. Fast. On the interstate. At midnight. Yikes.

We are all thankful that what could have been a pretty scary thing just turned into a late(r) night and a good story. It is important to note that the rescuing hero for the damsels in distress was Super Jeff…ahem…not me…another Super Jeff….Holly’s Super Jeff…who sprang into action and went and helped them change the tire.

(I did go to Costco today and got new tires…which was painfully expensive…I also got a 24-pack of chicken taquito’s…just seemed like a Costco kind of thing to buy)


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