We have reached the tipping point.

Lamb Yesterday evening The Beautiful Bride and I went to a wedding. Probably our first wedding in ten years. And it was the son of a dear friend of ours who was getting married. THE CHILD OF A FRIEND getting married, not a friend, but THE CHILD OF A FRIEND.

And several times over the course of the previous week I had conversations with good friends who were taking their children to college.

So we have officially something I did not know existed until last week. It is the tipping point in life. That is, the point where you have moved from being "young" to being "not young." I am not capable of saying that I have moved from young to old or even "middle-aged," I am simply going to put myself in the demographic group of "not young."

And if you are unsure if you have reached the tipping point like we have you can use this easy mathematical formula that I developed this week.

(Friends with kids in college) divided by (Friends with kids in pre-school)

If, for you, the answer to that simple problem is greater than 1, you have reached the tipping point. And if it is, welcome to "not young."


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