I have figured out the deal with all the prissy sounding hurricane names

I think I have figured out why the hurricanes all of a sudden seem to have real prissy names like Flossie…

I think it is to psych them out.

Like in sixth grade…if you heard about a kid named Eugene you just knew, even before you met him, that he was a geek and most likely was in the math club and played clarinet in the band. In the same way, if you heard about a kid named Spike, you knew he was trouble.

Just like the parents who by naming their son Eugene destined him to a life of nerdly ignominy, I think the hurricane naming guys have decided that perhaps they can do the same thing with storms. They think that they can shape the destiny of a hurricane just by giving it a prissy sounding name.

Like Flossie.

Think about it. When a storm comes to their first day of "hurricane orientation" and they learn that their name will be "Flossie," what kind of self-esteem and respect are they going to have…."Hi my name is Flossie…I am going to level a dozen small islands and take out half of southern Florida."

No way….

It will be, "Hi…I’m Flossie…I think I will be a tropical depression…because frankly I have a prissy sounding name and I am a little bit depressed about that to start."

And judging by hurricane seasons the last couple of years, I think their new strategy is working.


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  1. I have figured out the deal with all the prissy so…

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