voice of experience…

As we were getting everyone in the bed (early, really early by standards of the last few weeks…) Mabel, Kenzo, and I were hanging out in Mabel’s room.

Kenzo, the wise-sage fifth-grader was passing on advice to her baby (third-grade) sister.

Kenzo      "Third grade is the best grade."

Mabel       "Why?"

Kenzo       "Because you get to do multiplication, division, cursive…the big three."

Mabel      (as her eyes get bigger hearing about all the excitement) What else?

Kenzo     Recess…on the BIG playground. Where the fifth-graders have recess…

Mabel     Wow.

Kenzo     But not at the same time…because we would (imitating flicking a bug off her hand) just flick you off the playground.

So much for the wise sage… 


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