Enough already with the words on the butt’s of girls shorts

The AtwoodZoo has gone south for a few days, down to our southern outpost in Destin for a last getaway before school starts next week.

The sun is warm, the sand is squishy, and everywhere we go (young) girls have words written on the butt’s of their shorts.

Just one question…."WHY?"

Dad’s of America – I implore you. NO MORE WORDS ON THE BUTTS OF SHORTS. let’s have a little decorum here…certainly no need to encourage the young men to be spending time gawking at the backside of a young lady. It is certainly fine for a girl to show her team spirit or favorite sport or recreational activity, but is there any reason for it to be plastered across the backside of her shorts.

So how about it Dad’s? Say "enough is enough" and take a stand. Who’s with me….?

Ask yourself this one question when you consider buying your daughter shorts with words on the butt…."Do I really want to be responsible for encouraging young men to be looking at the backside of my daughter?"



Posted on August 6, 2007, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I know. lame.
    I’d like to see a pair of ladies’ shorts with the word “BUTT” on the back. That’d be awesome.

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