Seizure disorder – and a bit of perspective

Seeing all the news coverage related to the seizure that SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts had the other day had me thinking about seizures and seizure control and the like.

As a bit of background, when our oldest daughter Suzie was six months old she had bacterial meningitis. As a result, she has a number of challenges including a significant seizure disorder. She has lots of different kinds of seizures happening lots of times. Over the past 10 years we have tried scores of medicines and treatment and surgery with differing degrees of success at differing times.

Recently however, we have been able to have significant control using just one medicine. And what I mean by significant control is that she is having 1-2 small isolated seizures a day. This has been a tremendously exciting improvement.

And with this level of control we are happy. Very happy.

Now with all the coverage of what happened to Chief Justice Roberts and some of "sky is falling" rhetoric that I heard from the talking heads about the "tragedy and the heartache and how this has happened before…back in 1993" blah blah blah…just made me think how happy, how thrilled, how overjoyed we would be to be in a situation where Suzie was having one seizure every 15 years, not every 15 hours.

I guess it is just an odd sense of perspective, knowing that I am fairly happy and satisfied with my daughter having one seizure every day.

Just never thought that one a day would be a thing to celebrate.


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