Idea for a new reality show…”The Oddest Couples”

I think that I am going to develop a new reality show entitled "The Oddest Couples" in which I put the most infamous Hollywood brats (Lindsay, Paris, and Britney) in a house with the commissioners of the three professional sports leagues (David, Bud, and Roger.)

Just imagine the hilarity, common experiences, wacky couplings, and funny moments that could come from this group…

  • "Dog Fighting…that is SO HOT!"
  • Episode #6 – featuring special guest Pacman Jones is titled "Ooops…I did it again…"
  • "Can steroids turn your hair green?"
  • "Excuse me…David…I have a question…do the referees wear the striped clothes because they have been to jail or because they are going to jail…because when I was in jail…."

All this and more…my new hit reality show "The Oddest Couples."


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