I love this barn

Dsc_0022_2 This is the barn I played in as a kid. At my Grandpa and Grandma Atwood’s farm, just down the gravel road a mile or so from Birmingham Iowa. I used to play in the hay loft, and chase the cattle from the pasture to the barn. I would put out feed for the cattle and hopscotch between the cow patties.

There is just something amazingly amazing about barns. This one in particular.

All of these childhood memories leads me to the conclusion that I want a barn. Maybe not quite as big as this one, and probably a little cleaner. Maybe with an area that is air conditioned and has running water. So we could go spend a weekend at the barn sometimes.

So if anyone has a nice barn, and a few acres of land, in the middle Tennessee area that they want to donate to me as a place to hang with the fam and maybe do some writing…If you donate it to me, I promise I’ll name a character after you in a new book.

Sounds like a pretty good deal…small barn and some land for immortality…(at least in a book….)


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  1. Hey, my wife is originally from Iowa City (north of there). Iowa is good people!

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