Is it twice…

Is it twice or three times that makes a trend or habit? Cause if ti is twice I am about to be very sad. Since very early in my "dad-dom" I have held hands with the girls as we walked along. It was very cool.

But on two occasions recently, just two tiny times mind you, as were walking in a store or through the neighborhood one of the girls has let go of my hand when one of her friends approached.

And it was not a casual, "hey here comes my friend, I think I will walk over and say ‘hey’ so I am going to need to let go of your hand" kind of hand let-go.

No rather it was one of those swift, almost like there was suddenly a creepy crawly bug or a giant poisonous snake in her hand kind of let-go.

Just for the record, I think that I will think that it takes three times to make a trend. (That way I have an opportunity to pretend that any upcoming let-go’s are not the intentional "yikes here is a friend and I am holding my Dad’s hand" evacuation let-go’s" but rather the "oops my hand slipped from Daddy’s when my friend walked up…I need to get back to that soon.)

I feel better already.


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