Stuff that drives me crazy…(and the things that I should have said…)

This is the conversation I had last night at 8:20 pm at The Coffee Beanery at Cool Springs Galleria…

Me     I would like a large cup of decaf please.

Clerk     Oh….we just ran out of decaf and since we are closing in like 40 minutes we are not going to make anymore…

Me       (as I left) oh….

I was too dumbfounded by her comment that I couldn’t say anything. But in hindsight, here are a few of the snarky things I could have said….

  • So you are a coffee store, but you are not selling coffee…
  • Why don’t you just close now?
  • If 40 minutes before closing time is past the time when you might produce the product that you sell to a customer who wants to buy what you sell, please advise me just exactly what is the magic time where you might make some decaf coffee for a customer who is standing right in front of you wanting to give your giant coffee company some cash money so I do not mistakenly make the same mistake twice of trying to buy what you say you sell?

(oh and I also was going to get The Beautiful Bride some hot chocolate too…)


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  1. Once upon a visit to Olive Garden several years ago I asked why there were no olives in the salad. I was told they were out of olives…that’s it, just out. This was lunch mind you. I got a little confrontational, not like me, and said, “but you’re the ‘Olive Garden’ don’t you grow them here?” Having had parents who owned a restaurant, I understood being out of something but that isn’t something that can’t be solved so I also offered to drive to Kroger myself and pick up a large jar of olives for them. They came back in about 15 minutes with a new salad that included olives. In reference to your previous post…this is another example of lazy minded people. Grrr.

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