there is a lot to be said…

There is a lot to be said about family. Mostly amazingly good. I think that it has taken me 40 years to really understand that.

As part of the GATAAH, we spent time with cousins in Iowa, some of whom I have (shamefully) not seen in 15 years. Last night Suzie spent time on the rickety porch swing of the family farm house that was built by my great-great grandfather just after he came back from the Civil War. And Suzie was just sitting on the swing next to my uncle and they were watching lightening bugs.

That’s it.

Two generations and sixty years and a thousand other things separate them, but they were sitting on the same swing that I sat on, and my mom sat on, and my grandmother, and my great-aunt and so on…

And that was great. And I realized watching them watch lightening bugs that I need to make more of family.


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