GATAAH – Day Three (0r the day we will, inthe faraway future, call “the day the wheels came off”

Img080 Not literally, but figuratively…

The Beautiful Bride had a bit of sore back before we left, but when she woke up this morning, it was officially torked….

As in "look in the Yellow Pages and find the least scary looking chiropractor with an office we could find" torked. And we found one, and she got twisted and adjusted and heated and cooled and heated and cooled and…

She felt a little better so, with her blessing, we dropped her off at the hotel and headed to Six Flags (heard lots of talk about the horrific incident at the the Six Flags in Louisville.) We shut the place down while Momma heated and cooled and heated and cooled her slightly less torked back all afternoon and evening.

Assuming the "torkation" (new medical technical word I just invented) continues to diminish, we will be off for Iowa tomorrow.

(oh and just to spice up the day…got a call from the alarm company that the fire alarm at the house was going off…and that the fire department was called out. So I am sure they are torked off at us, while we are torked off at the alarm company for what we learned was a false alarm…ahhh family vacation….)


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