GATAAH – Day One.

Img057 We made it. At least the first leg. 300 and something miles. And not one Stuckey stop was made.

Just a few random thoughts from the road…

  • why do they have to put our cones for about 30 miles before and after there is a place where two guys are working along side the road. Hear me know…I want those guys to be safe, but seriously, how many plastic trees had to die to make all those orange cones. (of course in Illinois, they put up signs around work sites…"If you hit a worker, $10,000 fine and 14 years in jail."
  • When did we get to the place where a single fast-food restaurant could not stand on its own…today I saw a White Castle/Churches Fried Chicken; a Long John Silver’s/A&W Root Beer; and we dined for lunch as Taco Bell/KFC. Hear me people….two wrongs do not make a right…
  • Made up words on signs…I am keeping a list that I will share in total at the end of the trip…but just one tempt your taste buds today…It seems that if you got to Western Sizzlin (see there, they are too lazy to even say the whole word in the name of their company, you can get "Flame-Kist" steaks…just for the record, I DO NOT WANT ANYONE KISSING MY STEAK!)

All is quiet at the end of GATAAH- Day One. Shhh….we put the sign on the door…please do not wake us up…



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