Flying stand-by is a bit macabre…

Seems to me that flying stand-by is a bit macabre.

I was stranded (for a few hours) at the Detroit airport. My initial flight home was delayed and then delayed and then canceled. And so I ended up "stand-by" for the last flight home. For a flight that was already oversold.

Sidebar…to all the gate people from Northwest Airlines…"No I do not have time to answer your question" is not always the best response. And to the "manager" who was "managing" the 100 people waiting in line for the two people to help them re-book the flight, "No I am sorry I cannot help re-book, I am a manager" is not usually the best response either…

So to be "stand-by" essentially meant that I was lurking at the check-in counter hoping that someone else’s flight would be canceled or delayed so that their day would end up more messed up than mine was. It seemed a bit harsh to wish bad fortune on others, for my benefit, but that was where I was at that moment.

As the clock ticked towards the time to close the door, me and the other "stand-by’ers" peered intently down the concourse looking to see who was running towards gate 77.

"ahh man….there is another one…oh, look he is going to the Reagan-National flight…boy I sure hope that flight 712 from Newark is delayed."

It sort of felt like everyone was sitting around, waiting for an old distantly related rich uncle to die so you could pounce on the estate.

And the clock ticked on…one seat left…30 seconds to close the door…15 seconds…looking down the hall…is that someone running here…no wait they are chasing their kid…10 seconds…five seconds…Mr. Atwood you may board…take the first open seat you come to….

I grabbed my bag and hustled down the blazing hot bridge way to the plane. And grabbed the open seat.

So someone else’s day got really messed up, and I flew home IN FIRST CLASS.

Whoever said that life was fair?


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