pringles, anyone…

Images In preparation for the girls heading off to all their camps this week, The Beautiful Bride stocked up on all the appropriate lunch making stuff…bread, peanut butter, little tubs of apple sauce, Pringles…

She snagged a six-pack of the chip tubes to make sure she had enough so that there would be stacks aplenty of the pre-formed freeze-dried potato-particle masterpieces. And the girls were thrilled with the tubes of quasi-chips.

And I must admit I love them too…

But every time I eat one I am immediately transported back in time back to the first time I had Pringles.

I can see it as clear as today. I was sitting at the linoleum-topped kitchen table at my Grandpa and Grandma’s house, right after my Grandma passed away. All the friends and neighbors, from the nearby farms, and from "in-town" brought food to the house, as a way to show love and support for the family. And someone brought Pringles. This was in 1973, I think. And I thought it was a little funny. With all these homemade pies, and casseroles, and other items, it seemed a bit odd that someone had brought a tube of Pringles. But all the grandkids plowed through this new found treat like it was some sort of food that had fallen down from the moon – something no one had ever seen or conceived of…chips in a tube…

And so every time I see a tube of Pringles, I will always remember sitting in my grandma’s kitchen. This is the kitchen that had the long hanging down cord to turn on the lights and the rolling dishwasher and the rocking chair by the window. It is the kitchen that had the "icebox" with the giant pull handle, and the door to the one tiny bathroom the house, and a handful of fly swatters.

And I am glad for Pringles because they remind me of my Grandma. And because they come in a tube, and that is always cool.


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  1. I can totally smell my grandma’s house when I read that. My first memory of Pringles was also at my grandma’s house. It probably wasn’t the first time I’d had them, but my cousins and I were all sitting on the front porch making duck bills with them…very memorable moment.

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