Day Four…the “70’s”

Today was Day Four of the Radio Rut 2007, so that meant to time listen to the ’70’s.

And what a treat it was…

      • Disco…but more importantly disco versions of already famous songs songs such as Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven.
      • "Ouga Chaka ouga…" the great lyrics to the song "Hooked on a Feeling"
      • The Osmond Brothers or more importantly…Donnie and Marie. The first concert I ever saw was the Osmond’s and Donnie and Marie at the Iowa State Fair. It was at that concert I knew I had to be a rock star…and just look where I am today.
      • The Village People. "Macho Man," "YMCA," and "In The Navy…." Who knew they were singing about all that kind of stuff when they were singing…

Tomorrow…the ’80’s….my how much I have learned already…for example…who knew that the guy who did "A Fifth of Beethoven" also wrote music for the TV show "Family Guy"

Amazing what you can learn when you turn the dial….


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