Day One Review – Radio Rut 2007

I have made it through Day One of my Break the Radio Rut 2007 plan. In order to broaden my horizons, and frankly, get a better use of the $12.95 I spend on XM Radio each month, I have committed to listening to a different channel every day until  have made my way all the way through the 170 or so channels on XM.

Since today was Day One, it was channel 4 on XM. That means the "hits of the 30’s and 40’s."

I have already learned three things from my experience today. That is….the music of the 1930’s and 1040’s was centered on three key things…

      • Clarinets (I think XM is missing a programming opportunity here…they could probably do a special on the Top-100 clarinetists (clarinetters….?) of the century and they would find them all on this channel
      • Crooners,
      • Crosby…as in Bing

Other important things I learned today:

      • Xavier Cugat was a real person
      • Glenn Miller must have been huge because he was on Channel 4 all the time.
      • Songs from the 30’s and 40’s would never work on the radio today because the introductions are about two minutes long, usually including at least one clarinet solo.
      • The lyrics to songs of that era covered the same ground as most pop music today…for example I heard someone sing "My lover man, where can you be…"
      • Because truthfully, how different is that lyric from the love song by Huey where he sings….Toot that thank up maim make it roll
        Once you pop pop lock it for me girl get low
        If yo mama gave it to you baby girl let it show
        Once you pop lock drop it for me maybe we can roll.

Tomorrow is Channel 5…the 50’s…

A special thanks to Busy Mom and Ginger for their encouragement and support. It is this type of involvememnent that makes this type of endeavour possible. Some men climb mountains, others invent great things…me I listen to the radio.


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  1. A musical man among men, you are.

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