The Beautiful Bride (and Kenzo) have left the arena

On Friday afternoon, The Beautiful Bride and Kenzo will head off to Chicago for a Mom-Daughter 10th birthday celebration. They are going to the top of the Sears Tower, going to see "Wicked" and a thousand other fun times. They will have a ball.

That means that I am home alone. Just me, myself, and I….well, alone except for Suzie and Mabel and Boomer the peg-leg poodle.

We have lot of big plans too…Mabel’s last soccer game, Suzie and I are going to see  Go Diego Go with tickets from her cousins, there will certainly be some runs to Sonic, a frantic dash out the door to church, and probably a few more french-fries than The Beautiful Bride would encourage.

All in all… a good time.

Until Monday morning comes around and I need to get them out the door for school. Then there could be some wailing an gnashing of teeth.

The good news is that we are past the hair bow stage, so I will not feel the embarrassment of taking the girls to church "un-bowed," ducking in the side door, and finding the first mom I can find to put the girls hair in a bow.

Now that was pressure for a daddy…


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