The Depakote has left the building

Depakote The Depakote has left the building. The AtwoodZoo is officially a Depakote-free zone. Not that we are officially comfortable with it. Depakote has been the fall back, the safety zone, the giant air cushion in this seizure zone we call Suzie’s life.

But after extensive consultation with The Beautiful Bride, Suzie’s neurologist concurred that moving of the Depakote was the right thing to do. The reality is that The Beautiful Bride has a better sense of what Suzie needs before any of the rest of do…that’s just what Mommas do.

But even so, it is tough leaving our trusted friend behind. No telling how many seizures he has kept far away from sweet Suzie. We are now trusting Lamictal, the newer, sexier cousin of Depakote, to be bouncer outside the neurological front door, keeping all the unsavories away.

Godspeed good Depakote…stand strong good Lamictal.



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