really…she is in our family…

Mabel has got a serious nose/throat infection funk thing going on.

The Beautiful Bride allowed our pediatrician to confirm what she had already diagnosed. The technical medical terminology name is serious nose/throat infection funk thing.

So after she gave the doctor the privilege of offering the approved second opinion, there was a prescription for the "pink medicine" called in to one of ten thousand Walgreen’s dotting Middle Tennessee.

The task to pick up the "pink medicine" fell to Kenzo and I on our way home from soccer practice…"oh and since you’ll be so close to the pizza place when you are getting the medicine, just call me as you are leaving the soccer field and I’ll call in a pizza…"

So we made the pizza warning call and headed to Walgreen’s, and after a short wait, pulled up to the window.

Me        "Yes, I am here to pick up for Mabel. Yes the address is still the same…yes, i would like it now…no I am not planning on making any sort of illicit drug with the ‘pink medicine….’ Yes, I’ll wait a minute while you mix it up"

Big sigh…

Tick-tock, tick-tock….and the cars are piling up behind us.

Walgreen’s funny-sounding window person (WFSWP) "Uhmm….sir….you do not have any insurance….it is canceled….?"

Me      "WHAT???????????????????"

(WFSWP)       "We are not showing any insurance."

Me       "That is not possible. Please check again…."

(WFSWP)      "OK…we have the policy number as XXX…is that right?

Me      "No, that is my social security number…."

(WFSWP)     Oh…that could be the problem. Just a minute."

There are now enough cars behind us to do a re-start at Talladega.

(WFSWP)    "Sir, we are not showing a Mabel as your child. Or actually Blue Cross Blue Shield is not showing Mabel as your child."

Bigger sigh….

Me     "Just a minute, let me check something here…Kenzo…are you pretty sure that Mabel  is your sister?"

Kenzo    "yes…but would it matter if I said that there are times I wish she wasn’t?"

Me       "Good point….(now back to the (WFSWP) at Walgreen’s) – I’ll just pay for the medicine and take it up with BCBS tomorrow."

(WFSWP)     "OK…but are you sure that Mabel is your child?

Me      "Yes, but thanks for checking…"

So now I have to got to the IEP for Suzie, AND prove to BCBS that Mabel has been our child for a long time. (even in Kenzo would prefer that she not be…just sometimes….)


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