Laugh out loud

Suzie was watching old family movies again last night as we got ready for bed. Her sisters groaned when she put in one of her favorites (a family trip to Disney a few years ago.)  Dad, "we have seen this a million times." Which in reality, is probably actually not far from the truth. Suzie loves the familiar.

But at the end of this vacation tape is a few minutes of us just before Christmas about five years ago. Mabel was just a little bit short of being two. She and I were rolling in the floor and I was hiding my face in the carpet. Mabel was doing all she could to get me to look up at her – pulling my ears, banging on my head, leaning back to try and roll me over. She was hilarious.

And seeing this tape, all three of the girls laughed like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their whole lives. And they laughed, and we rewound it, and they laughed again. Loud and long and long and loud. And it was the best.

I don’t think there will ever be a sound sweeter to me than hearing the AtwoodZoo trio, laughing in unison.


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