Making a list and checking it a thousand million times…

WriteToday is the day. The one that Suzie has waited the last three months for. Her birthday party.

And this morning, just like we did a dozen times before bed last night, we went through "the list."

"You want to know who’s coming to my party? Is it today? My birthday party? I’m 10 now, but going to be 11.  I write them down, they are coming to my party."

And so we are now down to single digits in terms of hours to the party. This is where the anxiety begins to get me. Because this party, her annual trek to Chuckie Cheese with friends is the Super Bowl and the Senior Prom and Presidential Inauguration all rolled into one for her. She couldn’t get to sleep last night and was up at 6:00 this morning.

And the anxiety for me is because it is so big for her. I want so badly for all the friends to show up. I want for her to feel well and enjoy herself. I want her to enjoy having the world circle around her for the 90-minutes she is the queen.

I am always nervous about seizures on this day. Either she just gets too excited or whatever, but she has had a couple of really bad episodes on these birthday party days. A few years ago she had a bad seizure and fell down a flight of stairs at the house and had her birthday party at Vanderbilt.

So if you "wrote your name" on the list, or you just want to crash the party – 5:00 at Chuckies…


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