Heartache is universal

It is easy to wallow sometime. Life can be hard, and I can periodically get mad about stuff that Suzie has to go through.

But a couple of things today reminded me that we at the AtwoodZoo do not have a corner on the heartache market. There is more than enough heartache to go around, and I am pretty sure that heartache is no respecter of race, color, creed, or sex. Perhaps the wealthy have a way to conceal or gloss over their personal heartache, but I am not sure that even money can really impact serious desperation or anxiety.

In the midst of about four hours this afternoon, i spent time with people from three very different families, and in each case was reminded that indeed, heartache is universal.

First I spent some time with a lovely young lady, 7th grade student, who was interested in writing and publishing. She lost her father to a car accident not too long ago, and she, her younger brother, and mother are having to re-invent life without a Dad and husband.

Later, at Suzie’s spectacular party, there were a couple of guests with significant special needs. Both are great, amazing kids but because of their challenges, they will most likely never walk, or talk, or do most of the things that kids, and I, take for granted.

Then towards the end of the day, we spent time with a young kid who is a great friend to the girls. This child is growing up in a home with an alcoholic mother, an absent, angry father, and a troubled teenage sibling. all of this is the framework for our friends every step in life.

As I think back over the challenges that these three, and tens and tens and tens of thousands of overs, just in Nashville alone, work through everyday, I begin to see again that we are not the only ones to have a hard time, sometimes. There are many who have a hard time, almost all the time.

The reality is that life is often very hard.

Much harder on many than frankly seems fair to me.

I wish there were an easy answer or a button to push or even a government program that could fix it. But there is not.

There is just life that is hard. And heartache that is shared by all of us.

The only hope is that the God who created the universe, the One who threw all the planets in place, in the exact right orbit, with the exact right angle, at the the exact right distance from the sun, is also the one breathed life right into us.

And while yes, it is true that heartache is universal, it is indeed prevalent throughout the universe, what is just as true is that God made the universe, and therefore His hope is even bigger than universal.

Which is hard to comprehend, and very inviting and compelling ,and comforting at the same time.


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