Pardox of parenting

From a recent conversation with one of the girls…following a "neglecting to tell the truth" incident….

Me       So whatever you do you must always, always, always, always tell the truth.

Her       OK.

Me      Because if you don’t then people will have a hard time being your friend.

Her     I know.

Me       So more than almost anything else in the whole world, you have to tell the truth about everything.

Her      OK

Me       Cause even if you do something that you think is wrong and don’t want Mommy and Daddy to find out, it will end up being even worse if you lie about it.

Her     OK.

Me      So, what’s the most important thing?

Her     To always tell the truth.

Me      That’s right. Now run up to your room, get your pj’s on and hop in bed. Because we need to get to sleep on time with your tooth under your pillow so the tooth fairy can come tonight.

Always, always, always tell the truth….sighhh…..what’s a Dad to do?


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