Air Bud 3…4…500…

Mabel loves animal movies. The more animals the better. So last night she spent the better part of the evening watching "Air Bud 3" on the Disney Channel.

Now I can be a bit cynical at times. Especially given that I, and the majority of those viewers over nine years old have a pretty good sense of how just every animal movie, especially those where the animals play soccer or football or baseball or chess or whatever, will end. That goes double when the animal movies are on the Disney Channel.

So at the end of her movie Mabel comes dancing into the room with a smile as big as the moon , "Dad…Air Bud’s team won the championship game…and all the puppies got to play."

I paused for a moment.

For just a fraction of a nano-second, I considered saying, "Now Mabel, really honey, it’s a Disney movie…with a dog and a bunch of puppies ,and they all play soccer…how did you think it was going to end…perchance right at the end of the movie a great big milk truck would come barreling down the street just as Air Bud and all the puppies run into traffic on their way to the championship game. And all the beautiful doggies with their flowing golden hair would get smashed into a thin-as-a-wafer golden paste?"

But I didn’t say that. I just let her revel in soccer-playing dog’s victory. And wished that I might be so ready to find as much joy in things like Air Bud 3 …and all of life…as she does.


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