The TCAP’s are coming, the TCAP’s are coming…

so yesterday afternoon, Kenzo says to me,

"Dad, I want to make sure we all get to bed by about 8:00 on Sunday, and we need to get up and have a healthy breakfast on Monday morning…"

I immediately did what any Dad would do up on hearing that kind of crazy talk from their kids. I put my hand up to her head to see if see if she had a fever. Nope…everything was fine.

So I next looked around to see if this was some kind of hidden camera show. Nope. Just me and Kenzo…so I carefully asked, "Kenzo, why the sudden and unexplained concern for bedtime and breakfast."

"Dad…TCAP’s start Monday morning and they said we need to get good rest and a good breakfast before we test."

Well have no fear young lady… you can be certain that you will be snuggled up in the bed at no later than 7:59 CDT. And breakfast will be spectacular no doubt. Frankly, if you were that interested in getting to bed at 8:00 pm and eating a good breakfast, I’d see if we could arrange some sort of amendment to the Constitution to have TCAP’s everyday.

In order to work out the last minute jitters (heh) we are taking the AtwoodZoo (and some assorted friends, including Mr. and Mrs. FREAKIN’ SWORDFISH and their handsome and talented children La-La and C-Dog.) on the road to gobble down an $80 pizza at Chuckie The Rat.

How could you not have great TCAP scores after a visit to CTR?


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