My Child is an Honor Student at…

BumperschoolI saw a car this morning with a couple of those "My Child is an Honor Student at…School."

I am always a little curious why people put the stickers on the car. Why does someone feel that it is important that others in traffic know what their child does in school? Some questions…

  • Is it because of this insatiable urge for us to feel better about ourselves?
  • Is the purpose of these stickers to celebrate what the kids have done or for the parents to subtly show others how good they are as parents?
  • Is it part of this incredible competitiveness that some parents show? (i.e. pitching instructors for seven-year-olds…"teaching your two-year-old to read" books…"my kid plays travel soccer/baseball/etc…)
  • Do the kids really care if their grades are on the bumper of the car?
  • What happens if the kid’s grades go down and they are no longer an "honor student?" Do you pull the sticker off?
  • Are the stickers passed out with report cards?

I guess I am bit sensitive about this because one of our daughters will never be an "honor student at blah blah blah school…." She was sick as a baby and has significant brain damage, and as a result will never be an "honor student."

But the truth is we do not need a bumper sticker to define her or her accomplishments. Her honesty and perseverance and sense of humor define her. The God of the universe says that Suzie is her child. That defines her. Her friends and family love her. That defines her.

But I must admit that I feel a bit of pressure to have a bumper sticker on my car. I think I might get one that says

My child is in the special education program at…

I think that would be a cool bumper sticker.


Posted on April 13, 2007, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I wold definitely applaud that bumper sticker.
    If you want, send me an email with the name of the school— I can Photoshop something together, send it back to you, and you can put it on Cafe Press with no markup. If you don’t have my email anymore, it’s Freedonian at

  2. that would be a cool bumper sticker–sure to spark some interesting conversations, I bet. I don’t get the honor student ones either. I laughed so hard the first time I saw “My kid beat up your honor student.” Also, my brother, while he was in high school, creatively took a pair of scissors to the honor student bumper sticker he’d gotten so that it read, “Proud Montpelier Stud” 🙂 That made me laugh.

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