Dora has WHAT in her backpack?

061720dora20the20explorer Suzie loves Dora the Explorer. She has been, and probably will be, a fixture in our house for years.

Kenzo and Mabel are not as enamored. They seem especially perturbed with her backpack. Namely, all the stuff that Dora pulls out of the backpack to solve any problem at hand.

Evidently yesterday afternoon Suzie was watching a particular episode where Dora pulls a giant Ferris Wheel out of her tiny backpack. I have to agree with Mabel and Kenzo on this one. Seems to be stretching the whole bit a little too far when Dora starts yanking humongous amusement park rides out of her backpack.

So our discussion at breakfast centered around the particular episode. Started with Kenzo and then Mabel piled on…

Kenzo    So Dad, seriously…Dora pulled a Ferris Wheel out of her backpack.

Mabel    There is no way that could fit in there.

Kenzo    So what’s next from Dora’s ‘amazing backpack?’ Is she going to pull the cure for cancer out in the next episode…?

Mabel    Or maybe the cure for brain damage and seizures for Suzie…

Mabel, if Dora or anyone, could come up with a cure for Suzie’s brain injury and seizures, I wouldn’t care where they pulled it from….


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