Family Core Values

I was talking with a friend yesterday about traveling with the girls. It was a nice enough conversation, but frankly, he just doesn’t get it. Because he has a family with only boys. Well, except for his wife. But I was talking about the challenges of traveling with a gaggle of girls. And they are many.

But the key challenge seems to be in the constant need for a bathroom break. This whole issue came to a head on our last trip. And really this on-going call to go potty helped me define our family core values.

I know that companies have core values, and other organizations, and churches, and most every group across the country. But we, at the AtwoodZoo, have never articulated a set of core values. But in a 30-second car conversation with the very bladderly-challenged Mabel, all became crystal clear.

The conversation went something like this.

Mabel     Dad, how far to the hotel?

Dad        About five minutes I think…

Tick, tock, tick tock….

Mabel     (with great squirming) How far now?

Dad        About five seconds less than five minutes.

Mabel      I really need to go.

Dad        Mabel honey, I know…but we are in the middle of rush-hour traffic in Atlanta, surrounded by a zillion cars. There is no where for me to stop.

Mabel    But I need for you to stop right now. I have to go so bad.

Dad       Mabel, I can’t stop. What can I do? Stop the car in the middle of traffic and let you hop out and go potty in the middle of the road with all the cars around.

Then it hit me. I had just identified one of The AtwoodZoo core values.

And as part of the on-going commitment to public service, I offer up the AtwoodZoo Core Values. Feel free to use with your family. I wanted to keep it simple so I have distilled down to three key points.

      1. Love God.
      2. Love your family and friends.
      3. No public urination

So there it is, in a nutshell, the glue that holds the AtwoodZoo together. Who knew that Mabel drinking too much at the World of Coke would lead to such a profound revelation.


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