Report Card Day

Today was …cue the dramatic music please…REPORT CARD DAY.

Fact is, knock on wood, this has been a pretty uneventful day at the AtwoodZoo for the past couple of years. Both Kenzo and Mabel work hard, are involved, and more often than not get high marks. (Suzie has a different approach to grading…which is alright because she has a different approach to life.)

This time through we saw all A’s and E’s.

The only area the girls got marked down on was "penmanship" and "working quietly."

What does the Bible say…something about the "sons of the fathers coming down on their children." These were two of the "challenges" The Beautiful Bride and I had in school so at least they come by their sloppy writing and chattiness honestly. (just for  the record…I was the one who got low marks in penmanship. You can make your own assumptions about the ‘works quietly…’)


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